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This  website was developed by Marc Tailly and Vasil Ananian and provides the most  recent and comprehensive information about the  Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonata) of Armenia.

Armenia, a country in the southern Caucasus,  about the size of Belgium,  was relatively well studied for dragonflies in the 1940’s, principally by the late  N.N. Akramowski from the Armenian Institute of Zoology.  But after that period very little data  was added to the existing knowledge.  Since 1998 on a voluntary basis we initiated new  studies and field surveys  in the country. These produced several additional taxa for Armenian  odonatofauna and increased the country’s list up to the currently known 60  species.

On these  pages you’ll find a regularly updated  checklist, distribution maps for  each species  and photographs of  Dragonflies  and Damselflies and their  habitats in Armenia. We have also included a near  complete list of publications on the subject in Armenia and some key references  for the neighbouring countries and the Caucasus in general. Most  of the primary sources are in Russian, and in due course we hope to make some of these (completely or partially) available in an informal English translation    on this  website, accessible then to a wider public of enthusiasts.

If  you have any questions concerning Odonata of Armenia or this website, please  contact us at info(AT)

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